Texas Mini Pigs 

We breed, raise and sell only...

100% purebred Juliana piglets

(the worlds only purebred pet pig)

2 litters born in April...

We have 3 piglets left!
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 Boy#1 (from Dolly/Brooks)
the runt...
BORN 4/26/14

Boy #2 (from Dolly/Brooks)
BORN 4/26/14

Millie/Brooks boy
BORN 4/13/14

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(Millie and Dolly as babies, 2012)

      We raise, breed, sell (and love) only 1 kind of pig.
                                     Juliana Pigs


Welcome to our website; dedicated to the rare Juliana pig. Below, you will learn about us and our "pig philosophy."

                                         The people behind the pigs...

    We are Rob and Shelley Denison. We live on 5 acres just outside of San Antonio Texas in what is known as the "Texas Hill Country." By day, we are fulltime registered nurses. While we love what we do, we also love life in the country and caring for all of our pets, including our amazing Juliana pigs. 

    It was love at first sight for us and the Juliana pigs. In the beginning, we read everything we could get our hands on, visited websites and talked to some very informative and helpful breeders.  One thing that we learned is that the Juliana’s have, at several times in their history, been endangered. There are currently only a handful of respectable breeders in the United States and it is through their dedicated efforts that the Juliana’s survive today. We are proud to have joined this great group of breeders. 
    Our goal is very important to us; to establish ourselves as trusted, reputable, straightforward, honest and respectable breeders who produce top quality pet Juliana’s, while continually striving to preserve and improve the breed. 

                                  Our pig gig...

    We looked long and hard to find just the right breeding pigs. We found great breeders who were experienced and knowledgeable and were known for producing quality Juliana pigs. We started with 3 purebred Juliana piglets whose parents matured to 30-45 pounds, have beautiful Juliana markings (spots), excellent conformation, are pedigreed and registered with the Juliana Pig Association & Registry. We bought our females from one breeder and our male from another. We obtained their pedigrees and have registered all of our stock. We will raise nothing but 100% purebred Juliana’s, ensuring 100% purebred offspring. We will never inbreed or breed any pig before 1 year of age. Our females, though capable of having several litters per year, will be rested between litters, for their good health. Piglets will be hand fed only in emergencies that preclude feeding from their mothers. We will sell happy, healthy, socialized piglets only after weaning and eating on their own.

    We are currently a small operation, having only a few breeder pigs. This allows us the luxury of having one on one time each day with all of our pigs. We are able to play with them, pet them, give belly rubs, socialize them and appreciate thier unique personalities. 

    We insist on the highest quality environment for our pigs. Their living quarters are covered, shaded, fenced, padded with straw and safe. They have access to a barn, clean water, a dipping pool, toys, companionship and comfortable bedding. They have a large separate fenced area in which to run, play, graze and root in the sun. We are even lucky enough to have hard working dung beetles that keep our pens clean and odor free! We welcome anyone interested in visiting our pigs to make an appointment and come on out!

     As nurses, health is everything. All of our pigs have been vet checked, microchipped and deemed healthy. Our worming regimen has been approved by our vet and all of our pigs are wormed regularly by us. Baby pigs need a dose of iron at birth and ours are supplemented. All piglets will be wormed, iron boosted and guaranteed healthy upon delivery and for an additional year. 

We are proud members of JPAR, the Juliana Pig Association & Registry. Our pigs meet or exceed all requirements set forth by JPAR.

    All of our parents are registered with JPAR, making it simple for you to register your piglet, if you so choose.

    Visit the JPAR website to see breed requirements, the Code of Ethics that we follow and other helpful information.  While there, you can search for our parent pigs (Milli, Dolly and Brooks), to find more information on their pedigrees.

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